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About Us

  Fashionbycultures is a multicultural lifestyle brand specializing in sustainable and eco-friendly textile, founded in 2005 by Bilge Oz. After spending more than a decade living in Europe and traveling all around the world learning about different cultures, she found her permanent home in Los Angeles. Bilge choose to live in Los Angeles and launch Fashionbycultures to combine her multicultural textile heritage with the West Coast culture she had come to love.  
  Fashionbycultures is established with quality and cultural responsibility. All goods are produced ethically and sustainably using methods of traditional craftsmanship. As a brand we stand with clothing that represents a relaxed yet refined lifestyle.  
  Fashionbyculture’s commitment is to create collections that are designed and crafted for everyday life, where each piece have a different cultural value attached to them. Each and every piece is produced by expert craftsmen using the finest materials and the finest of finishes and is inspired by Bohemian Clothing of Mediterranean people. Fashionbycultures, has created a brand which embraces the culture of two homes, Mediterranean and Los Angeles, and everywhere in between.
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