Fairy Tiered Cotton Dress


Embrace Sustainable Fashion with Our Boho Dress:

Step into the world of conscious fashion with our exquisite Raw Cotton Natural Color Boho Dress, a true ode to nature and style. Crafted with utmost care from 100% high-quality handwoven natural cotton, this dress is a testament to eco-friendliness, allergy-friendliness, and ethical sourcing, making it the perfect choice for fashion enthusiasts like you who prioritize sustainability.

Artistic Bohemian Design:

Our Boho Dress boasts an artsy design and natural color, exuding the spirit of the Mediterranean bohemian lifestyle. Its authenticity and uniqueness set you apart, making a bold statement of your individuality. The combination of casual cotton fiber with a feminine goddess look, along with organic cotton lace detail in the bust, adds an extra touch of charm to the design.

Nature's Embrace:

Feel the purity of 100% natural fibers and eco dye, enveloping you in a dress that not only looks good but also feels incredibly gentle against your skin. Free from toxic effects, this dress allows your body to breathe steadily and naturally, ensuring you stay comfortable all day long.

Comfortable Fit:

Designed to flatter your silhouette, this dress features an adjustable back waist and straps, ensuring a comfortable and flattering fit for various body and bust types. The two-layered, relaxed-fit bottom design further enhances your comfort and style. Therefore, it is designed one size and fits all for almost all US letter sizes from S to XL.

Light as a Feather:

Experience the sheer delight of wearing a dress that is not only incredibly soft but also lightweight. The gentle caress of the fabric on your skin will leave you feeling as if you're floating on a cloud.

Versatile Wonder:

This slow fashion, timeless design is perfect for various occasions, from casual beach days to elegant wedding parties and fairy proms. Embrace its versatility and radiate grace wherever you go.

Easy Care:

Convenience meets style, as our Boho Dress is machine washable (warm/cold wash) and quick to air dry. Say goodbye to lengthy laundry routines and hello to effortless maintenance.

Thoughtful Gift:

Surprise your loved ones with a gift that embodies sustainability, style, and comfort. Our Boho Dress is a thoughtful option for anyone who values eco-conscious fashion and embraces the beauty of ethical clothing.

Inspired by Mediterranean Bohemian Clothing:

Each piece in our collection is lovingly created by a small team of skilled artisans, using the finest materials and finishes. Experience the essence of the Mediterranean bohemian lifestyle, exuding grace and charm in every step you take.

Indulge in Sustainable Beauty:

Reconnect with nature's true essence as you adorn yourself with our Raw Cotton Natural Color Boho Dress. Elevate your style while making a positive impact on the world, knowing you're adorned in ethically sourced elegance. Embrace the beauty of sustainable fashion and cherish the harmony between nature and style.

Measurements and Sizing Range:
Bust: Fits all for sizes S to XL, 32'' to 40''
Waist: Fits all for sizes S to XL, 26'' to 34''
Hips: Flared bottom design fits almost all hip sizes
From waist to hem: 17.5''
Two layered hem and bust design, so does not show through
You may prefer to wear with silicone push up bra (a statistical observation from our customers)

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